With Infinio, get the World’s Fastest VMs.

Infinio is a software-based server-side cache that provides lightning fast I/O for any storage in a VMware environment.

Infinio takes a little bit of ESX host RAM and re-purposes it into a high-performance cache tier in the server – delivering I/O in 80 microseconds.

Customers like Marriott Vacations, xxx, and yyy have used Infinio to provide a boost to storage across their enterprises, without a forklift upgrade.  They’ve seen shorter reporting times for ERP, improved database performance, and happier VDI users.

Because Infinio is VMware Ready certified software, it installs in about 15 minutes with zero disruption to the environment – no reboots, no maintenance mode, and no changes to storage.

Why not give a 30-day free trial a test drive today?

Where to consider Infinio:

Long-running jobs:

• Veeam or Commvault backups run into the morning
• Reports take too long to complete (Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy, Pentaho, SAS)
Interactive applications
• Virtual desktop (VDI) users are complaining
• Database performance is sluggish (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, DB2)

Performance without a forklift upgrade

•Wants a Pure Storage or XtremeIO but has no budget
•Has 18 months of maintenance left, but performance is bad

Enterprise-wide storage boost:

•AFA or Hybrid isn’t fast enough (Pure, XtremeIO, Nimble, Tintri)
•Performance challenges with Nutanix, Simplivity, or vSAN
It’s time to give our 30-day free trial a spin.