Are you a Virtual Design Master?

logo-smallLadies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present an exciting venture which is coming to you this summer. Virtual Design Master is the first technology driven, reality competition which will see 8 competitors giving their all to eliminate their competition and be given the title of Virtual Design Master.

The Apprentice for IT

It’s being referred to as being like The Apprentice for Information Technology. It’s going to be an amazing adventure, as we watch our 8 contestants being driven to provide and defend their virtual architectures in 4 incredible challenges.

The challenges will cover deeply technical areas of virtualization and the proposed solutions will be judged by 4 of our most well-known virtualization exports: Josh Atwell, Mike Laverick, Scott Lowe and Chris Wahl.

sanfrancisco3Grand Finale in Beautiful San Franscisco

After 3 intense challenges, the ultimate challenge will come with a head-to-head battle live at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

So make sure that you follow @vDMChallenge on Twitter, keep your eyes on and join me and Angelo Luciani ( by taking part in the first ever competition of its kind.

This is going to be epic. There will be lots of news coming over the next month as we provide the incredible prize package information and introduce the contestant audition process.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Tough Mudder Time!

Some time in the fall of last 2011 I was shown an event by a colleague at work. The email subject was something along the lines of “this is nuts…we should try it”. My response was similarly comical. “This is crazy. I’m game”.

There are a few moments in your life that you will see something that is beyond what you imagine you can do. The adventure comes when you share that thought with someone. It’s not that I wish that I hadn’t said that I would join into the event. I suppose there is not much of a better way to commit to a massive personal and team physical challenge.

The event is called Tough Mudder. For those who aren’t familiar, here is a little video which shows you what it’s all about.

Scared? I am. But any trepidation that I have about it is removed by the excitement of the challenge ahead, and the beginnings of a really great team of people to go through the experience with.

I will be updating along the way as we get closer to the event. Most importantly I will be working with a charitable organization to fund raise throughout training, up to and during the event. It’s my firm belief that I am lucky to be able to participate in such an exciting event, so I would like do whatever I can to inspire others, and to raise awareness about physical activity and its benefit to everyone.

Because my primary sport is cycling this is a big departure from anything I have ever done. I am going to work as hard as possible so that I can step up to the task and help my team members as we tough it out through this gruelling, yet exciting event. It’s going to be an adventure!