Podcast Episode 76 – Ultimate Email Productivity with @PonyDotGG founder Dmitry Minkovsky (@dminkovsky)

Episode 76 – Ultimate Email Productivity with @PonyDotGG founder Dmitry Minkovsky (@dminkovsky)

PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-76-ultimate-email-productivity-with-ponydotgg-founder-dmitry-minkovsky-dminkovsky/


Are you using email right? The answer is probably no! Learn how Dmitry Minkovsky is tackling the challenge with great email habits and how his platform https://pony.gg can help you change the way you email and get more out of this now classic form of electronic communication.

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R.I.P. Email Game – How to Keep the Email Productivity Up Without it

If you’re followed some of my previous posts around personal productivity, you may have seen that I am a huge fan of The Email Game from Baydin.  It’s also important to know that the goal of why I use the email game is not zero email.  It’s about moving more productively through email and the tasks and projects that come from it.  This is why inbox zero is not really the goal.  Flow of work is.

Today I found out that Baydin is closing the doors on the email game as of February 7th, 2019.  Noooooo!!!

Using Gmail Auto-Advance to Move Through Email Better (and Faster!)

Open up your Gmail and click on the settings options.  Then open up the Advanced option and you’ll see a feature called Auto-Advance which is off by default. Once you enable that feature you will open up your top email and then the Gmail web client will automatically move to the next message where you can archive, skip, or reply.

Here’s where to find that option:

Keep using the same process you did in the past with the email game.  Start at the top and and keep yourself moving quickly and effectively through your inbox.  Forcing the flow like this causes you to cut down on the wasted time normally spent mulling over how to respond or when to mark a message unread and file it away for later…which is just deferring the pain of processing it now which can be done in seconds.

Hopefully you find this tip helpful. Please let me know in the comments below if you like these kinds of posts!  Many more where this came from as I learn more about personal productivity hacks that I love to share with everyone.

Productivity Hack: The Email Game

UPDATE 1/10/2019:  The Email Game is no longer supported – see teh following blog for details:  https://discoposse.com/2019/01/10/r-i-p-email-game-how-to-keep-the-email-productivity-up-without-it/ 

The (email) struggle is real.  At this point, I get between 20-50 emails a day. Which ones are meaningful?  Which ones need to be dealt with today, tomorrow, right now, not at all?!  These are the questions that lead to slowness in my replying to email, or often missed messages altogether. Plus, I spend about 1 hour a day just going through and checking which is necessary, marking them as unread, flagging, or trying other ways to “set it to be dealt with later” and the reality is that later often doesn’t ever arrive.

One of the more powerful life/productivity hacks that I’ve been introduced to is the Email Game from Boomerang (Formerly Baydin) which turned me from an email backlog owner to a clear inbox in all of the best ways.  I

Inbox Zero is not the goal here.  The goal is actually moving the needle on productively and efficiently managing email.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Go to https://emailgame.baydin.com/
  2. Put in your GMail address (works with Google Apps mail too)
  3. Process in the time limits and let the productivity goodness become a part of your daily regimen

The tool will present you with a countdown timer for each email.  You get points for archiving/deleting or processing emails as quickly as you can.  The bonus comes in the reply countdown timer which gives a much needed nudge to just get to the reply and get it done.  You see the emoji giving you some guidance and it even frowns when you skip a message,  which you should see as a key indicator that just saving it for later is a bad way to handle it.

You can also use Boomerang to mark the message to be dealt with later or watch for no reply and other rules.  Another post to come on how Boomerang has helped me as well.

Full credit to Tim Ferris for introducing me to this one.  Here’s the fast GIF version of what the process looks like:

Make Productivity Fun, and Habitual

The key to using this is to first have fun with it.  Seriously, this is a very fun way to get email processed and teach yourself to just get down to it without wasting time on stuff that normally injects productivity-killing slowdowns in your day to day.

Set up a daily reminder to go to the email game and rock your inbox.  I even force myself to a specific regimen at this point to ONLY use email game unless I’m specifically searching for email.  This gets me into the habit of not spending hours of my day constantly checking for new emails.

Hope that you enjoy this handy productivity tool and find the benefit like I have from it.