Free eBook – Managing Kubernetes Performance at Scale

I’m super proud to share that my team has worked with O’Reilly to create a great little ebook that you can download for free (yay!!).  Eva Tuczai, who works on our Advanced Engineering team working with large-scale production container deployments at some of the most complex and interesting environments.  Asena Hertz works with me on the Marketing team leading our container and cloud-native work with Product Marketing and working directly with customers and engineers to advance the intelligent, performant, and successful adoption of Kubernetes and containerized platforms.

You’re just a click away from downloading the free ebook and I highly encourage you to read up on how to think and architect for at-scale deployments BEFORE they scale!  This is a must read for any virtualization or containerization engineer.  If you have any questions or want to dig further into this and other Kubernetes topic, please do leave a comment on the post and I’m happy to jump in to help out in any way I can.

Big thanks to Eva, Asena, and my entire team for putting this together.  If you’re going to Kubecon in spring 2019 then you will be able to get a print copy at the Turbonomic booth so make sure you keep watching the website for event updates.

Download the free book today here: or by clicking on the image above.  Thanks for supporting the open source movement!

TechForward Kubernetes Webinar 12/14

Want to get started with some Kubernetes goodness? This is your chance to get a little starter course on Kubernetes with a 1 hour webinar that I’m hosting through Turbonomic in the TechForward series. TechForward is a webinar and education series that is geared towards the next-generation technologies and some new areas of study that traditional systems administrators and architects may not have had a chance to lean into yet.


TechForward Kubernetes Topic Coverage

The format of the TechForward Kubernetes webinar on December 14th is:

  • Intro to Kubernetes concepts
  • Brief overview of Kubernetes architecture
  • Live demo of Kubernetes in action
  • Lab exercises for everyone to try

Please be sure to register for the webinar and attend live. All registrants will receive access to a recording of the webinar, and links to exercise files for a chance to kick the tires on Kubernetes using a very simple lab build that can be used on any desktop or laptop system.

TechForward in the Green Circle Community

There is also an opportunity for everyone to interact with me on all of the TechForward series within the Green Circle Community. If you aren’t already a member, you can even sign up using our holiday special signup link at which also enters you for a weekly draw. There are no obligations other than just joining into this fun and interactive, open community.

Hope to see you there!