Annual Top vBlog Results Show – On-Demand recording available!

With another great year of working with Eric Siebert and the community team including John Troyer and Angelo Luciani, we have the final results of the top 25 vBlogs online!

The show was recorded and broadcast live and can be viewed on-demand here for you anytime. Congratulations to all of the participants in the program, all of the great content creators, and many exiting moves up the ranks by people who have earned a spot among their peers and their readers as top-level bloggers.

Join the vExpert 2017 Community! Application Process is Open until 12/16


Are you a vExpert and want to re-up for 2017? Click here:
Are you keen to join the vExpert community but aren’t a vExpert yet? Click here:
Know someone who you want tor refer as a vExpert? Click here:
Do you want to see who the current vExperts are? Click here:

For the slightly longer read:

The VMware vExpert community is a phenomenal way to find peers in the virtualization marketplace who are helping to evangelize solutions that can help us all. Most importantly, it is also a program that is entirely open for you to also be a part of and contribute to.

There are regular points within the year in which you can enter into the program. The next batch of vExpert entries are about to launch with the application process having opened very recently. Make sure that you take some time to head on over to the 2017 vExpert blog that was published with the links for the 2017 program.

Being a three time VMware vExpert so far for me has been very exciting and fun. I’m always happy to contribute content and create community opportunities through online, and in-person meetups to help promote this very dynamic and enjoyable group of people and the technologies that we all use.

Creating content is both fun and easy. Being a community contributor is also very easy, and very fulfilling both personally and professionally. This helps me to learn about how I’m doing things in comparison to others in the industry, and you will find yourself with a new pool of friends as well as some extremely intelligent and helpful professional peers.

Good luck to all those who are submitting for new entries to vExpert in 2017, and I hope to join the ranks of the vExpert alumni to continue to evangelize all that we do!

vExpert 2013 – Look who just joined the club!!

vexpert_logo_q109I have one word to describe the feeling right now: Wow! I am humbled and thankful to VMware, John Troyer, Angelo Luciani and the whole community who have kindly added me to the vExpert list for 2013. This is truly an honour for me and I have to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me to be a part of this.

It’s about Community

The amazing thing about community is that it transcends many things. Location, job title, experience level, age or any other factor don’t come into play. The community of VMware User Groups, OpenStack users, vBrownbag attendees and of many of a growing list of community driven groups continue to be a massive part of what drives information sharing and peer-to-peer education.

While I’m a relative newbie to blogging within the last couple of years, the acceptance by the community has been incredible. For this reason I hope to encourage many more to join in, have your say and to share your stories.

Congratulations to all the new and renewed vExperts!

You can go here ( and view the informal 2013 list and reach out to them with a congratulations. Most importantly, you as a reader can support these people and yourself by attending the events, reading the blogs and getting and staying active on Twitter to engage fully with the group. One year ago I learned of the vExpert elections but this year I put my name in the hat and if you haven’t already been involved, then this will be the start of your campaign to be a part of the vExpert group for 2014!


Let’s Keep the Momentum

This isn’t the end where we celebrate and relax. This is the beginning. I can proudly say that by being lucky enough to be a part of a great community is something that I do everything I can to keep sharing what I’m learning with my peers and to bring more and more people into a growing and exciting community.

Thank you all for listening, for sharing, and for everything that you have done to inspire me, and the community, to go over and above wherever we can to help each other and to be a part of something great. Chapeau!