Getting #vFit at Interop Las Vegas – Daily 5K Runs Available Monday to Friday

If you’re coming out to Interop in Las Vegas, we have some fitness fun to add to your schedule!

One of the traditions that I have started at the VMworld event in San Francisco every year for the past 3 years was a daily run.  This happened almost by accident as a fun run with a few friends which ended up becoming a full out planned event now on a daily basis at the event.

#vFit at Interop in Las Vegas

To join up for the run, you can fill out this super easy survey to let the Interop event organizers know which days you may want to join.  I’ll be there every morning at 7 AM to rock the pavement with you, and hope to see lots of my community friends there.

Thank you to the folks at Interop for making this a part of the official event schedule. It’s a sign of how the community extends beyond the expo halls and conference rooms to every day.

See you in Las Vegas!

Getting #vFit at the OpenStack Summit – Daily 5K Runs in Austin

The #vFit daily 5K runs will be on like Donkey Kong, rain or shine at the OpenStack Summit in Austin!

What is now a 3 year tradition from VMworld has spanned to multiple events including the OpenStack Summit and Interop.  In order to help to get your day started with a little fitness goodness, I will be leading out a daily 5K run group from the Austin Convention Centre which will take us along the Colorado River for a nice scenic out-and-back to get the blood flowing.

#vFit Daily Run Group Meets at 7AM at Austin Convention Center

Run group will collect at the Austin Convention Center and depart every morning at 7 AM from Monday April 25th to Friday April 29th to ensure we are back in time to shower up and be ready to face the day of action at the event.  You can come out on any day and enjoy the community as we all keep our fitness up while chatting with the community.

Pace is a conversational 5K and if we have a large enough group, sometimes we do see a split for a faster crew if so desired.

Hope to see you out on the route!

View route map for #vFit OpenStack Summit on

DiscoPosse VMworld 2015 Calendar

VMworld 2015 in San Francisco is a great place to meet and share in the community goodness.

This is my schedule of events if you want to meet up.  I will update as more events are committed and I hope to see lots of folks there 🙂

You may also join the daily vFit Community Run Group which goes daily from Sunday to Thursday from Moscone South: