Get your official #vFit shirt to support a great cause!

One of the most fun parts of any tech event is the community and collaborative nature. Inside the walls of the event centres, we find ourselves up to the ears on tech talk and sharing knowledge. Outside the event, there has always been a tendency to move towards evening events and the vendor-sponsored parties.

In a shift towards something new, we have a great community of folks who attend tech events and organize fitness related meetups like morning runs, walks, hiking, and more. This has become what we know as the #vFit community.

It's time for the 2019 #vFit runs at VMworld.  We will have a daily run group at 6:45 AM from Moscone Center!  

This is a growing event as we get both fitness and community active at VMworld for the day 7th year in a row!


VMworld 2019 #vFit run details

Daily meet up in the Moscone South Building.

Route goes from Moscone down by Giant's stadium, along the embarcadero and then back up Mission street to end at the Moscone South building.

Departure times:

Sunday 06:45 AM Pacific Time
Monday 06:45 AM Pacific Time
Tuesday 06:45 AM Pacific Time
Wednesday 06:45 AM Pacific Time

The run is at approx 10min/mile in the main group and there may be a second group if enough walkers/joggers join.
Email me eric {at} discoposse [dot] com for more info