Sweet audio mashups!

This is just a nod to some amazing work done by Tom who runs Waxed Audio out of Australia. Just amazing mixing and original ideas mashed into amazing compositions.

You may recognize some of the work if you’ve heard the Ghostbusters Theme / Thunderstruck mashup. I’m loving the Sad but Superstitious.


Well done Tom!

Binary Gods – digging into my musical past

Don't you boys know any nice music?

Don't you boys know any nice music?

This was a music project that was an ongoing effort between Bill Dunlop (vocals), Barry Tezuka (Bass), Murray Uncles (Guitar) and myself (Guitar). Lots of fun on many occasions. Here are a couple of tracks that we recorded with our friend Grant Taylor on drums. Grant was a full time drummer for The Salads at the time who very kindly came by for an afternoon to help us out.

Denial (language warning)


I’ll warn you…they were rough cuts from our basement studio. The true talent in the room was Grant who had never listened to the songs, then after only a couple of rehearsal passes nailed the end to end track in 2 takes for each song.

Good times were had back in the day. We may be due for a revival once I’m back in the same time zone.

Musical memories – Michelin Slave (nee Strait Jakket)

The days were long and filled with teen adventure. It was high school and life was simple. The only question, was when and where we could find Strait Jakket playing. It was the height of hair metal and this was the dawn of a new era of local music. A harder edged sound with haunting vocals and a stage presence that was larger than life.

Then as the years passed, Strait Jakket was no longer. A few years ago by complete chance I discovered Michelin Slave which was the core members of Strait Jacket moving on. Most prominently was of course the vocally gifted Julius Butty.

This is a sample of what became like an anthem for myself and many of my generation.

Lost script found online!!

May take a little while to load since there are so many people pulling it down right now