Quick Guide to ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

The ability to effectively communicate with advanced language models like GPT-4 is becoming increasingly crucial. This quick, practical guide is designed for those looking to harness the power of GPT-4. The OpenAI GPT-4 model is robust so I wanted to share a mix of technical strategies and practical examples to enhance your prompt engineering skills. … Read more

WEKA at Cloud Field Day 18

If you haven’t heard of WEKA, you need to take notice. It’s a pleasure to see how the data platform has evolved and also a great win to see Phil Curran and the team presenting what they are working at Cloud Field Day 18. WEKA is a neat origin story too having been born in … Read more

VMware at Cloud Field Day 18

The overall theme of the day will be all about that app! The industry has been leaning towards application centricity and finding the optimal way to build, deploy, and operate applications. VMware began a massive shift in the hosting application infrastructure. After many changes in how applications are built and operated, this is a great … Read more