Podcast Episode 125 Why Motivation and Understanding Yourself Creates Positive Change, with Don W Long

Don W Long is a best selling author, speaker, and peak performance consultant.  Don’s storied background in business came to a head at a fateful time which brought a renewed focus and led to his new focus on motivation and helping others create opportunity, wealth, and better themselves.  We explore Don’s approach to business, personal … Read more

Podcast Episode 124 – Why Search and PR are Broken and how Visably Aims to Solve Your SEO and SEV Challenges, with Chris Dickey

Chris Dickey is the founder and CEO of Visably, the world’s first platform to manage brand visibility in search.  Chris and I explore the challenges of SEO, SEV, how PR and advertising are fundamentally trapped without the right tools and processes, and much more.  This is a great episode that really opens up how Chris and … Read more

Why am I getting “The instance family ‘mac1’ is not supported” error on AWS EC2 Mac Instances?

If you’re like me and you wanted to check out the new MacOS offering for AWS EC2, you may have hit the first bump in the road as you tried to deploy your first instance. Bonus price warning on this one: AWS EC2 Dedicated Hosts are allocated by the hour on-demand EXCEPT Mac Mini (or … Read more