Is OpenStack Becoming TrumpStack?

You’re probably thinking this is a clickbait title, and admittedly I did take some liberties with the current political adventures happening. The concept I’m putting forward here is that the OpenStack community is often being divided on some very important and challenging areas. The reason I call this TrumpStack is that there is a strong … Read more

TechForward Crash Course OpenStack Session at VMworld 2016

If you’re going to be at VMworld in Las Vegas, I’ve got a fun and informative set of demo sessions running for a new initiative called TechForward.  Please click on the link below to go to the Eventbrite page for the session. Join me on Wednesday August 31st at 2:00 PM PT to watch a demo … Read more

Presentation – OpenStack Summit Austin – Couch to OpenStack

For the folks who couldn’t attend the live event, here is my presentation from the OpenStack Summit in Austin for the Couch to OpenStack session.  Video and presentation below.  Hope that you find it helpful!   [pdf-embedder url=””]

OpenStack: The Black Album

This year will signal the shift towards a more enterprise-oriented OpenStack ecosystem. It will come in many ways. At the same time that we see the warmer embrace from enterprise customers, a long sought after market, we also see divisive chatter among the community that OpenStack is at a dangerous crossroads in its direction of … Read more