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Some Thoughts on OpenStack Readiness in the News

Let me start with this a disclaimer: these are my thoughts from my experiences with the industry thus far. That said, I hope it makes sense to clarify some of the news and punditry happening in the OpenStack ecosystem. 12 years ago I was installing VMware and trying to get buy-in from my operations team, my development team, and from …

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OpenStack Learning Challenges – Drawing the Owl

It’s a funny meme that we see regularly. It can be the “How to make a Turducken” or “How to make reindeer cupcakes” or some kind of before and after craft process that is made to look seemingly simple by the expert who is doing it. My example I use regularly is one called “How to draw an owl”. The …

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Platform9 on KVM in General Availability; Launch of VMware Beta Program

It is an exciting day for the team at Platform9 as they announce the general availability (GA) of their product for KVM hosts, and much more.  The concept of private cloud on existing infrastructure was what really raised my interest in Platform9 when I had the opportunity to cover their launch in August of 2014. Platform9 at Tech Field Day I …