Second prize – a set of steak knives

Second Prize - a set of steak knives!
Second Prize - a set of steak knives!

I’m not here from Mitch and Murray, but take heed in what has been said. Whether your business is online or brick and mortar, it will follow the same rules. There is very little middle ground in the online entrepreneurship game.

Aside from being one of my favorite roles ever played by Alec Baldwin, his cutting speech brought it home for many people then and now.

As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac El Dorado. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is your fired. You get the picture? You laughing now?

I’m not going to pretend that I’m driving a Cadillac El Dorado. I’m also not going to get fired. I’m sitting in the steak knives category right now. What does it take for your business to get over the hump and begin to earn at and above it’s potential.

What’s my advice? There is no magic solution. Twitter was an overnight success. That is if you count almost 4 years in full production and the countless hundreds of hours that led up to that point. Musicians, actors, sports stars, entrepreneurs and everyone alike. It takes years to become an overnight success.

I could write a tome on the subject. I’m not keen to do so, nor would you be to sit and read it. In summary I’ll quote the oft quoted and paraphrased line once said by Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

Luck, that’s when preparation and opportunity meet.

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