DiscoPosse Review: MySQL Troubleshooting

mysql-troubleshootingThis book could easily be called “Everything you wanted to know about MySQL, but were afraid to ask”. I’ve seldom seen this much deeply documented troubleshooting and tips in one book. Kudos to O’Reilly and Sveta Smirnova on this book. It is now an invaluable member of my bookshelf and referenced often.

The book is nicely divided up among topics stretching from general troubleshooting of MySQL command syntax, right through to deep technical guidance on solving performance and operational issues.

Thank you to Sveta for this great guide and once again to O’Reilly for producing spectacular content.

If you use MySQL, I highly recommend this title. You’ll find value in no time with some great quick hit suggestions, and the overall performance and operational troubleshooting tips will be a life saver if things go awry in your environment.

Click the link below to buy the book and let me know what you think in the comments. You can also follow Sveta on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/svetsmirnova

2 thoughts on “DiscoPosse Review: MySQL Troubleshooting”

  1. Does this book cover the point of view of the non-programmer admin trying to support a 3rd party app on top of MySQL? (specifically where the admin is Not the programmer of the app in question, not the admin’s programming skills). This has been a challenge I’ve been facing with a couple of 3rd party apps where I get caught in in the cross fire of the app saying the DBA should know what to do, and the MySQL docs and training point back at the programmer. There is a clear middle ground that I’ve not seen covered and am looking for.
    Congrats on the higher profile at VMUG, hope it translates into better involvement that it failed to do for others.

    • Hi Andy!

      The book has a lot more of the troubleshooting and query performance in there. I know the type of stuff that you’re dealing with and it’s brutal to find the fixes, especially when you get tossed back and forth between app designer and DBA issues. It focuses on some specific query tuning which is helpful. It is a good book to have on the shelf for sure and it has a target of both admins and devs, although a lot of the content is dev/DBA content.

      Thanks re: VMUG. It’s a great group and we miss you and Darlene at the meetings. It is a challenging group to increase the crowd and exposure for sure. Hopefully we can bring a big group to the full day session in February and give everyone a better opportunity to network.

      I’d recommend leafing through this book if you can at the local bookstore to really get a sense of how applicable it is but in general the O’Reilly books are always well laid out.

      Thanks and hope to get a chance to catch up again soon!


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