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thwackWhen I said that we had a big year ahead, I couldn’t have guessed how quickly that would begin. One of the exciting projects I’m a part of is contributing to the SolarWinds Thwack forum as a Thwack Ambassador this month.

Come on in and join the conversation!

You can pop on over to the Thwack forums in the Geek Speak area ( and you’ll see my posts, plus lots of other really great content up there.

Registration is free, and there is some really great information sharing happening which you can be a part of. Plus, you can sign up for product trials and keep track of product release information from the SolarWinds crew.

Thanks to the SolarWinds Thwack Community team for giving this great opportunity to be a part of this active and engaging community. I’m looking forward to being able to contribute as much as I can ūüôā

Connect with Thwack on Twitter by following @thwack and if you have any questions you want to have answered, throw your question into the forum and let the team of community experts help you towards the fix!

UPDATE: Here is the first post of my series there:

UPDATE 2: Here is the second post for those who want to see it –¬†–dealing-with-node-down-notifications

UPDATE 3: Post 3 in my Thwack Ambassador series –¬†¬†

UPDATE 4: My final post for my Thwack Ambassador series in February –¬†¬†

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