DiscoPosse Review: Deploying OpenStack by Ken Pepple

rc_catFor those who don’t already know Ken Pepple (@ken_pepple on Twitter), this is a great way to introduce yourself to him and to OpenStack Havana. Ken’s documentation and diagrams has been one of the most widely used among many sites for OpenStack so this is great to see his work put into a full deployment guide.

The depth of technical information and the great guidance given in the book makes it a great guide for anyone from beginner to advanced. While some concepts may be very new to many fresh to OpenStack, Ken does a great job with providing well-worded descriptions and step-by-step implementation processes for creating your own OpenStack cloud with the Havana edition.

The book is currently in progress, but I was lucky enough to be able to get it for review through my affiliation with the O’Reilly Bloggers Review Program (http://oreilly.com/bloggers). I’m really pleased by the book so far and I am looking forward to seeing it in its final release.

For a really great overall guide which has specific deployment instruction and also deeper discussions on OpenStack concepts, I highly recommend this book as a part of your technical library.

You can pre-order the book here on Amazon: http://discopos.se/OpenStackByKenPepple

For those who want to reach Ken to check out this and his other work, you can find him on Twitter @ken_pepple, and at his website http://ken.pepple.info/ for more great content.

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