How about some exCLUSive Cisco news?

With technology event season rapidly approaching, it is time to get your planning sorted for what exciting conventions, events, and community gatherings to join into. As a Cisco Champion I have a particular wish this year that I would love to fulfill which is to attend Cisco Live in San Franciso which happens from May 18-22.

Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards for me this year, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t excite you all about what’s happening in the Cisco world in the next while around the event!! Let’s put the US in CLUS 🙂

And I kind of teased with the headline, but in case you didn’t catch the pun, it is not exclusive, but exCLUSive 😉

Do UC what I see?

It’s no secret that Unified Communications is a feature platform for Cisco, so it should also be no surprise about the new goodies coming out of the Cisco camp as we head into the second quarter of the year.

The video conference experience has come a long way luckily.

Collaboration is the key to success in so many ways for modern businesses and for people in their personal lives. If you aren’t already connected to your colleagues through collaborative tools and technology, there are inevitably things coming that will be enabling better collaboration, remote workforce, and ultimately more closeness for people.

A lot great info was released today from Rowan Trollope (@RowanTrollope on Twitter) as discussed in his article here:

Product announcements leading up to CLUS

There are some really cool products that are a part of the collaborative tools Cisco is promoting at the event. You can catch up on some of those here:

All work and no play? Not at a Cisco event!

I’ve done my time on some stages in the past and even played a few corporate gigs, but let me tell you that when Cisco puts on a party, they tend to go a bit bigger 🙂

Perhaps you’ve heard of a fellow by the name of Lenny Kravitz?

Yes…that Lenny Kravitz

Or perhaps his friends that also be there, a little group called Imagine Dragons?

Convinced yet?

More than just a show

One of the tenets of the Cisco Champion program, and of Cisco as an organization, is to support collaboration and sharing of information. As a consumer of the services, a blogger who has intimate access to products and engineers, and as a lover of technology in general, I can’t say enough how positive the big event experience can be.

I’ve attended a number of events from one to 5 days, and the content that people have come away with, along with the great social collaboration at Cisco Live, is one of the unparalleled experiences for a customer, partner, or just a die hard technologist like myself.

March 14th Early Bird deadline!!

If you want to save a up to a cool 300$ off of your event ticket, you can sign up before March 14th (yup…just about 48 hours left!) here:

If you get a chance to go, make sure you tell them that @DiscoPosse sent you 🙂



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