Coming soon: Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight

pluralsightThis year just keeps getting more and more exciting for me, and I am proud to announce today that I am working with the team at Pluralsight to bring more content to my audience in a new way!

First, I need to thank all of you for what you’ve done to bring this opportunity. As readers and community members, your feedback and support have been the driving force to inspire me to do more to give back.

At this time I have my first Pluralsight course in the QA process which is titled Introduction to OpenStack. This course is an introductory look at the OpenStack projects and general concepts around the OpenStack ecosystem.

This is especially fun to be able to grow the number of ways that I can spread the word on great technologies like OpenStack, and with my upcoming trip to be a part of the vBrownBag team at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta May 12-16, I hope to have some Pluralsight goodies to share as well as some of my new stickers to swag up your laptop!

But wait, there’s more!

I know that many of my readers may already be at or beyond the point where they need an introduction to OpenStack, so I can happily say that my next goal is to continue to create and share course content through Pluralsight as well as my continued commitment to open community content sharing through my site.

As more details are available about the course release date and other information, I will be sure to share with all of you. Thank you again for making it so fun to share content, and I look forward to the release of Introduction to OpenStack with and to being able to create and share much more!

Keep watching here for more news and if you aren’t already using, make sure to head on over and take a look at the great library of offerings they have for you.

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