Virtual Design Master Season 2 – Time to get your names in here!

Last year was a very interesting year on a number of fronts, and one of the really great community oriented projects I was able to work on was Virtual Design Master. In Virtual Design Master Season 1, we saw competitors from around the world come together and show their virtual design skills to a panel of amazing judges with great support from Radical I/O, Pluralsight, and

UPDATE: The Virtual Design Master 2 Dates have been announced!! 

Season 1 Recap

The challenge began as earth was ravaged by zombies. The competitors created massive designs from a restrictive list of requirements, and showcased their skill to not just put an idea on to paper, but to defend their design to the judges.

In Challenge 2, the competitors took their design and were sideswiped by a design change. They had to create a complete disaster recovery plan and to price out the resulting solution. This was the test to see how they could stand up against a management team to show how and why they would protect their data center designs.

Challenge 3 saw the introduction of orchestration where the requirements were to build and prove out a working orchestration design for an application server. We saw some great work happening here, and then it all came down to the final challenge.

In our finale, the remaining two competitors Akmal Waheed and Jonathan Frappier were given 2 servers at the to create two live cloud environments and transfer workloads between the environments.

Season 2 – Beyond the Clouds

If you think that Season 1 was exciting, you will love what we have coming for you all in Season 2! Things are going to heat up quickly, so you will want to make sure you get in now to be a part of this. We have already announced that we have proudly brought Veeam on board to support for Season 2, with more announcements coming soon.

We have 4 more challenges, an all new design scenario, and a growing production team including Creative Director Melissa Palmer ( who brought us our challenges in Season 1, plus Production Director Jonathan Frappier ( who was our Season 1 runner up. Angelo Luciani ( and I will be working with our team to highlight another group of great community participants, judges, and supporting sponsors.

Here is your chance to get involved.

Competitors – Sign up Here!

You may have watched in Season 1, but now it’s time to put yourself right in the game! Go to to sign up and show the community and the world how you can be a Virtual Design Master.

Judges – Sign up Here!

Head on over to and submit your information. We have spaces available for the judging panel, and we will also be looking for potential guest judges to contribute to specific challenges. This is a fun way to be involved and to promote the virtualization community.


Email to eric – at – discoposse – dot – com and I will be able to send you the information to get involved. This is your chance to build on a growing community event and spread the word on the skills of our competitors and to showcase your involvement.

Do you want your brand to be brought to worldwide audience in an exciting and new way? Our Season 1 production team and judges have a social reach of over 10,000 Twitter followers. The #VirtualDesignMaster Twitter Hashtag had hundreds, approaching thousands of impressions over the course of the competition, and we have significantly larger presence as we head into season 2.

All of our challenges will be broadcast over Google+ Hangouts live, and recorded for continued viewing. Season 1 saw viewership from 61 countries. Don’t miss out on a fun and positive way to share your brand with us.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Virtual Design Master? There is only one way to find out. 




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