OpenStack Summit and the vBrownBag Experience

vbrownbag-mapOne word review of this week: Wow!

It has been a really fun week so far here in Atlanta with my vBrownBag crew sitting in at the OpenStack Summit. As I write this, I am sitting in room B207 at the Summit which has been my home for the week. It was such a busy week creating great content with the vBrownBag team that I haven’t had an opportunity to share the experience here as much, but that is a good thing!

Bigger than ever

The numbers aren’t final, but the word on the street is that this is definitely the highest attendance for an OpenStack Summit thus far which shows the importance of the OpenStack ecosystem. The show floor which was open from Monday to Wednesday was filled with many booths and a steady crowd of people checking everything out.

For the vBrownBag crew this is also a massive show for us because we have been running back to back with great content from all sorts of contributors. The entire playlist is on YouTube and we should have all of today’s sessions uploaded by the evening.

Customers, contributors and vendors, oh my!

While this is my first OpenStack Summit that I have attended, the message I am hearing from the people I have chatted with is that this is a very different type of crowd that has come together here in Atlanta. Early OpenStack Summit events were primarily centered around the development side and contributors coming together.

This year for the Atlanta event we are seeing lots of vendors out on the floor, along with systems integrators, and also customers who are interested in finding out more about the great OpenStack ecosystem and how to become more involved with using it as a platform.

More to come on the OpenStack Summit

cloudcastThis event had a few other exciting opportunities for me in particular including some guest hosting on the The Cloudcast ( for a couple of episodes along Aaron Delp, Brian Gracely, and Kenneth Hui which was a lot of fun.

I was also very proud to have been asked to sit in on a panel session on the path from Infrastructure Administratpanelor to Cloud Architect with Kenneth Hui, Aaron Delp, and Jason Grimm which was hosted by Niki Acosta from Rackspace.

The panel was designed to give some advice on the skills that we employ to take ourselves from traditional virtualization administrators to a cloud architect. I will post the session here on the site if it becomes available on YouTube which many of the OpenStack Summit sessions will.

There is still another full afternoon ahead for me today, and tomorrow I will be sitting in for some of the design sessions to really immerse myself into the OpenStack experience.

This is a great show, powered by a great community. I look froward to continuing to share out content from the experience!



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