Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight is live!

There are many celebrations happening today with Canada Day being one of them. It is with lots of joy as a Canadian that I also get to have my own proud moment because of the launch of my recently authored Introduction to OpenStack on Pluralsight!


Introduction to OpenStack

The course is designed to target those who are new to OpenStack or those who need a refresher on the OpenStack ecosystem. It was a lot of fun creating the course content and I put a little bit of everything in there to make sure that you will come out with a good overall understanding of how OpenStack works, how it was created and maintained, and the features of the different projects within OpenStack.

Designed by, and for community, this course is the beginning of much more that I plan to produce to help people along their journey with OpenStack and much more thanks to the great team at Pluralsight.

Thank you, because you made this happen!
Thank you, because you made this happen!

In fact, I want to be sure that you get to share this experience with me because I will be looking for lots of feedback on what kind of content you would like to see as we move into the next courses. This is an exciting way for me to ensure that I am building for the needs of the community which is the real reason that I’m putting this together.

Want to Try Pluralsight?

If you aren’t already a member of Pluralsight, don’t worry because thanks to the team there I have been given 20 free 30-day passes for newcomers to the Pluralsight platform.

Winning is easy because all you have to do is write a comment below and share this post on one or more of your social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+) and add the hashtag #IHeartPluralsight similar to this:


I hope that you like the course, and if you do, please make sure to rate it and let me know what the cool parts are that you enjoyed. Your feedback (yes, even the non-positive stuff) is what makes me better at creating the next content.

Thank you! and Thank you to Pluralsight who made this happen for me. I have to also say a big thanks to David Davis and Chris Wahl who both helped me along the way with this, plus they are both wickedly good authors for Pluralsight. So while you’re rocking your 3o-day trial, make sure that you have a listen to the great content that they have created at


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