DiscoPosse Review: The Docker Book by James Turnbull

I’ve been reviewing books for a long time for O’Reilly Books and Packt Publishing, but there have been a few occasions that I’ve felt the extra urge to do a public review here. This time I was very pleased to be spending the last few days reading The Docker Book by James Turnbull.

Two word review: Nailed it!

James has a very good writing style and the walkthrough of both the conceptual and technical content is well laid out in the book. Having the book as a reference for those getting started, or those who have some familiarity already with Docker.

The book progresses through the basics of Docker, installation, deploying a simple container application and then ramps up from there. There are great walk throughs with tie-ins to CI (Continuous Integration) frameworks, with orchestration, and then we dive into the API.

This really is a full-featured guide for Docker and I have to give kudos to James for doing a great job. If you’re digging into Docker (which you absolutely should be) you should do two things:

1. Buy The Docker Book
2. Thank James Turnbull (@kartar) for the great work

Hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!


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