Virtual Design Master Live! – #vDM at the Toronto VMUG February 26th

It’s a proud moment when we get to make announcements, and particularly proud for me as I further expand on something we have been tweeting about.  You may have seen the buzz around the upcoming VMUG Super Conference in Toronto on February 26th.


We are building up a lot of plans for the Virtual Design Master, now in its third full season.  This is a new year, and an entirely new set of events.  We are ramping up to the full season which will take place in summer of 2015 on track with the usual schedule.  What is different with this year is that we are also adding some new excitement to it beginning with the Toronto VMUG on February 26th.

2 Whiteboards and Lots of Learning

The focus of the Virtual Design Master Live keynote event happening in Toronto is on the process to think like a Virtual Design Master.  One of the reasons that we created vDM to begin with was to highlight the great work being done in the community, and to share the learning with a wide audience to help everyone grow our skills together.

The keynote session will be comprised of Angelo Luciani, Melissa Palmer, and me leading an interactive session to talk about how to get from a blank page to a functional design.


Bringing the best of the audience while helping to guide the process will be very exciting, and we hope to also bring attendees up to help out with the process first hand.  The fun of this process is the interaction with everyone at the event!

It’s an anything goes build-as-you-go process.  That is the beauty of the Virtual Design Master.  We give the requirements, and the constraints, that’s all.



Well, there will be 😉

Make sure to watch in the coming days as we have even more Virtual Design Master news! Trust me that this is a big announcement and we are only days away from it.

In the mean time, it’s also a good time to think about the full season 3 ahead…

Want to be a part of sponsoring Virtual Design Master Season 3?

Since we are talking about Virtual Design Master, it is a great time to begin some planning for you too!  If you would like to be a part of the Virtual Design Master Season 3 series as a sponsor supporter, it is as simple is filling out this handy form and we can begin the process to get you involved in vDM Season 3.

For potential sponsors, fill out this simple form and we will respond to you directly via email from the team members and you can be a part of the biggest, most exciting season yet!

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