Gorilla Guide Series:  Great New Content from Actual Tech Media

If you haven’t already seen the announcement, there is a new series of publications that are being brought out by the team at Actual Tech Media called the Gorilla Guide Series. These guides are geared towards what is being dubbed “helping you tame the technology jungle” which comes at a great time in our industry.

Innovation is happening at a rapid pace in our industry. Business leaders and technologists are often left to their own devices to search out information to feed their decisions on choosing the right technology for solving a business problem. The rate of innovation has outpaced the rate of educational information for these technologies. Having a more objective view of the value, impact, and risks with technology will be a much needed area of education to help spur on better, more educated adoption by organizations.

gorilla-guide-logoThe Gorilla Guide style brings an ideal level of detail to get technologists up to speed on new and current technology concepts, and is definitely going to be a must-read series in my opinion. Having a quick-start guide to technology that is written by great tech community contributors will definitely bring a lot of eyes to this series.

There will be vendor-specific content as well which means that you can find the mix of very directed education on a vendor product along with the overall industry knowledge that Scott Lowe and David Davis have been bringing to our community through many of their ventures such as with Pluralsight, VirtualizationSoftware.com, EnterpriseStorageGuide.com, and most recently Hyperconverged.org.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the Gorilla Guide site for more updates, and you can even download the current Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Implementation Strategies which you can get here for free. It’s a great way to add to your toolkit of technology education with effective, fun, and well-written content.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy these guides as much as I do!


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