Top vBlog Voting for 2016: Help Support our Blogging and Podcasting Communities

While I thought I may not do a “vote for me” post on this year’s Top vBlog competition, I realized that I do very much enjoy being able to share the massive list of community contributors with my readers and listeners.

I’ll put it simply in a few bullets, and leave it up to you to choose to vote and share your voice:

  • Eric Siebert does this out of his own good will and with effort, so a massive thank you to Eric!
  • I’ve been in the top 50 two years (49 in 2014, 40 in 2015)
  • This year I’m in for top blog voting (general)
  • This year the GC On-Demand is also up for top podcast
  • The Virtual Design Master community is well represented, so look for your favorites in the voting list
  • Having a badge for the blog is a nice bit of bling and boosts the confidence 🙂
  • This year Turbonomic is sponsoring and providing a really badass commemorative coin for the top 50 group

Thank you to Eric Siebert for all that he and the supporting sponsors do to run this event every year.  Thank you to all of my readers and now also to my podcast listeners for your continued support.  None of us could do this without you!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to jump into the Turbonomic VMworld Pass Sweepstakes to win in one of three draws for VMworld 2016 passes!

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