– A Handy Interactive Guide to AWS EC2 Instance Sizing and Pricing

One of the most challenging aspects of the AWS ecosystem is navigating the pricing and sizing options when looking at EC2 instances.  Luckily, there is a rather nifty tool out there which has been created by a community member and hosted on GitHub which you can find at

The site lets you dig around all of the different configuration options including (at the time of this blog):

  • EC2 Instance types by region
  • Reserved Instance options
  • RDS Instance types (also at
  • Pricing for On-Demand licenses such as Windows and SQL
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly pricing detail

You can also see and contribute to the code directly on GitHub by visiting the source repository.

This is a very helpful resource that you should bookmark for reference. The project is being updated by 53 contributors (at the time of this blog) and has well over a 1000 stars on the GitHub project.

You can see from the column selector that there is a lot of potential data to show:

Big thanks go out to Garret Heaton for putting this together and sharing it out with the community.  Nicely done!

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