Very cool! VeeamON Virtual Conference

One of the greatest things about conferences is the ability to get very up-close access to engineers and other technology professionals.  What makes the upcoming VeeamON virtual conference on December 5th a double-win is that you get that access but you don’t need to book travel and get approvals for budget!

Virtual Event, Real Value

Sign up today for the event and this will also get you access to great live content, post-event recordings and materials, plus there are prizes given away throughout the event day which is always a nice bonus.

There are three tracks (Business, Technical, Cloud) that can satisfy lots of different attendees and audiences.  I’m honored to know most of the folks presenting, so I can attest to their skill and presentation abilities.  This will be a must-attend IMHO!  There are not many times where you can get to interact with people at the event from the comfort of a chair and switch tracks without having to run from one building to another.

Did I mention prizes?!  This is pretty awesome…

There’s definitely nothing to lose in joining the event.  Register for free at the event site ( and please do let me know what you thought of the content as I’ll be watching it closely myself.  Always great to share notes!


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