Podcast Ep 34 – Containers, IT Evolution and more with Brian Gracely (@bgracely)

EPISODE 34 – Containers, IT Evolution and more with Brian Gracely (@bgracely)

PODCAST LINK: http://podcast.discoposse.com/e/ep-34-containers-it-evolution-and-more-with-brian-gracely-bgracely/


In a great conversation with Brian Gracely (@bgracely), we talk about moving up the stack, the Cloudcast podcast, the evolution of IT, and much more.

Our conversation tackles the very important topic of measuring technology like containers in it’s placement on the hype cycle, and where the adoption of next-generation technologies are working in real use-cases. Brian provides very specific and real examples of why cloud, containers and other technologies are beginning to really drive a lot of innovation in business.

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