VMworld 2019 – vCoffee Community Bean Exchange


Got beans?  Want beans?  Coming to VMworld 2019 in San Francisco?  Welcome to the #vCoffee Community Bean Exchange group!

How does vCoffee Community Bean Exchange Work?

Find a local roaster or some of your very favorite beans.  Package up one or two single pound bags of whole bean coffee and bring them to VMworld with you in San Francisco.  Everyone who fills out the form below (that’s the important part) will be a part of the exchange.  Our crew (aka DiscoPosse and anyone willing to help) will mix and match the caffeinated goodness and prepare pickup packages for folks to take back to their home coffee brewing stations.

Big thanks to Cody Bunch and a bunch of folks who formalized this in 2017.  During the 2018 event we had a total of 44 pounds of coffee exchanged!

Support the Tech Community – Get a great mug!

This year also features the first time we are providing a chance to pick up some devilishly good swag thanks to the team at Diabolical Coffee!  Drop on over to the Custom Ink page and order your limited run Diabolical Coffee tumbler which is being offered for the until July 23rd in order to make sure you get yours in time for VMworld.  Mugs ship directly to your home which is even easier!

Where to Bring your Beans

Bean drop off and pick up will be at the Turbonomic booth in the expo hall.  Beans must be dropped off by midday Tuesday and pickup can begin on Wednesday.  Join in the fun and I can’t wait to see everyone in person at the event!  Logistics email will be sent out prior to and during VMworld which is why it’s super important that you fill out the form to be included in the communications.

Can’t see the form? Just click here: https://discopos.se/VMworldCommunityCoffeeExchange2019

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