April 2020 Free Training Special from Pluralsight!

The team at Pluralsight have kindly opened up the platform for free in order to allow folks to skill up while being under the challenge of the current worldwide situation.  Being at home should not mean being out of the game.  If you are looking to skill up on any of a variety of literally hundreds upon hundreds of courses, Pluralsight is a spectacular option for you.

Just click this link to get setup and you are off to your learning journey!

My own course on HashiCorp Nomad is among those that are completely free for the month of April, so I will obviously recommend that you try it out and get your Nomad and container journey underway.  Please share if you enjoy and find value in the course as well as any ideas or feedback on what I can do with future advanced courses on Nomad.

Big thanks to the team at Pluralsight for opening this up and it is a testament to their support of the community.



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