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VMworld 2016 – Quick Takes on the Event and Announcements Part 2 of 2

Following on my earlier article, I wanted to cover a few more things about the VMworld event this year in Las Vegas. For the deeper technical announcements and some great overall event coverage, I recommend these blogs that are well worth the read: WRITTEN GOODNESS: Rene Van Den Bedem: Julian Wood: Dee Abson: VIDEO GOODNESS: VMBlog: …

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VeeamON – Session-O-Rama of Veeam Goodness

This is an exciting year for many reasons. Technology is continuing to make significant gains as we see products and features innovating at a phenomenal rate. One of the exciting things happening is the addition of a new face in the technology conference space with VeeamON 2014, the inaugural Veeam conference in Las Vegas, October 6-8, 2014. While Veeam have …