Running in the rain

Running in the Rain
It's not always sunny on race day

Forget singing in the rain. It’s about running in the rain today. I remember not too many years ago when I would look at people running in the rain and think that it was bizarre. Why bother right? It would be sunny another day which would be much better to be outside in.

For me, running and cycling were methods of transportation. Necessity more than anything else. Now I find myself in the opposite side of the situation now. I’ve been competitively racing road bikes for 3 years now and running various amateur races for around 4 years. Now I am the one running and cycling in the pouring rain to keep that edge and keep my body in motion for a goal.

A good friend of mine once told a story. He is an Ironman Triathlete who was picking up some stereo equipment from someone. It was raining slightly that day. The seller was also an Ironman Triathlete. When my friend mentioned that he was not riding that day because it may rain the seller replied quite abruptly (and comically):

“You know, it’s not always sunny on race day”

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