vmworld 2010 – My thoughts after Day 1

The buzz is incredible here at vmworld 2010. It’s my first time at a vmworld event and I am very pleased with the overall experience so far.  Although I was bumped from my first session due to overwhelming lineups I have been able to get to each of my other planned sessions.

As a technology architect I am very excited by what I am seeing here. From a pure technology perspective vmware does a phenomenal job at what they do. The transition from data centre optimization to providing a platform for complete virtualization of application and technology infrastructure. Nobody else has competed at their level in this space.

Wearing my business hat now provides an entirely different view. The message is clear: Is your business ready? So what does this mean?

The vmware virtualization products  a platform where you build solutions. I know what you are thinking…huh? This is not a plug and play solution. The key factor in adoption of virtualization at the workstation, data centre and up to “the cloud” is mapping and potentially changing your business processes with relation to technology.

It goes back to the old saying that “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Cloud computing as a practice hinges on these concepts:

  1. Stop doing. Start enabling
  2. Change the way you think about the computing platform
  3. Security, security, security
  4. Know your business. Build against your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

These key items are going to be very important. The message being sent is that technology and business must both adapt to be successful in deploying cloud infrastructure.

More to come after Day 2. Exciting times!

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