VMware tip – Protocol error from VMX

Small tip, big victory. I have weekly snapshots and clones that are scheduled through vCenter. Suddenly one of the clone tasks stopped working and threw this error:

A General System error occurred: Protocol error from VMX.

Hmmm…that’s odd. It’s run fine up to now right? Luckily the fix couldn’t be too much simpler than this.

SOLUTION: Restart the VMware Tools service in the guest machine and restart the task

et voila!

7 thoughts on “VMware tip – Protocol error from VMX”

  1. I had a similar problem, and I have searched the internet for a solution, but couldn’t find a proper solution, it kept failing, until I came a cross this tip, tested it and it worked like a charm.
    Thanks alot, this was really helpfull

  2. Excelente… me tomo semanas encontrar una solucion hasta que llegue aca… me funciona de maravillas..

    Muchas Gracias.


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