Humble and Fred – Welcoming back a Canadian morning tradition!

If you are a gen-x kid like myself and familiar with Toronto morning radio then you probably already know who Humble and Fred are. Once a staple for morning radio in the greater Toronto area they have been on an unfortunate hiatus in recent years.

Before it was known as “The Edge”, CFNY (aka Edge 102) on FM 102.1 was a top pick for morning and all day radio listening for many Torontonians. In the days of battling for listeners with such classic rock stations as 97.7 and the well known Q107 this iconic duo stood above with their fast wit and amazing chemistry.

Humble and Fred Studio

“Humble” Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson were my daily dose of comedy and news sprinkled with alt music. As long time radio personalities with varied backgrounds, they came together as an instant classic and built a fan base that rivaled any radio personalities throughout Canada. Anyone who was a fan would know that it was their natural humour and buddy style of comedy that gave you that comfort of sitting at the cottage with your pals chatting around the fire.

If you doubt the local love of Humble and Fred, you simply have to recall the introduction of Howard Stern as a syndicated show on mornings at Q107 from 1997-2002 where, despite the draw of the self proclaimed King of All Media, the Humble and Fred fans stayed true and rode out the storm.

After a fateful switch to AM radio on all talk  AM640 known as “Mojo radio” (yes…we all cringe now when we look back) which despite its early draw, soon led to an unfortunate end to the pairing of the dynamic team as they, along with most of the lineup left the AM dial and returned to FM until the breakup of the duo in 2005.

Mojo in the mornings
Hindsight is 20/20

Now broadcasting (or Podcasting as it were) from picturesque Etobicoke we can get our daily dose of H&F in full unfettered and uncensored format. No pesky PDs (no offense to Alan Cross of course) and no limits it will be exciting to be along for the ride as the show finds it legs and builds the audience.

Sorry folks, no live stream yet, but I and many others look forward to seeing much more activity around the show and with any hope we will be able to bring back the funny with our old friends.

See their press release here and most importantly go to to subscribe to the Podcast.

Welcome home boys!

Welcome home
Welcome home boys!

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