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Podcast Episode 114 -Why Podcasting is the New PR and a Gutenberg Revolution in Media with Kitcaster Co-founder, Brandy Whalen

Brandy Whalen is the co-founder of Kitcaster.  The Kitcaster agency begins each company engagement with a deep understanding of your ideal podcast audience to deliver 100% customized appearances to match you with the perfect podcast placements.  We explore the founding of Kitcaster, why the current PR process is broken, and how the new podcast media opportunity is fundamentally changing the way …

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Podcast Episode 112 – Why Privacy and Safety are at Risk and What We Can Do About It with John McAfee

John McAfee is an entrepreneur, privacy advocate, and a man who’s personality is larger than life, backed by an incredible life story and set of experiences.  John believes that cryptocurrency offers a unique historical opportunity to the individual – a chance to liberate one’s self, without violence, and to become more free. This conversation explores the destruction of privacy, the need …

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Humble and Fred – Welcoming back a Canadian morning tradition!

If you are a gen-x kid like myself and familiar with Toronto morning radio then you probably already know who Humble and Fred are. Once a staple for morning radio in the greater Toronto area they have been on an unfortunate hiatus in recent years. Before it was known as “The Edge”, CFNY (aka Edge 102) on FM 102.1 was …