Upcoming event – November 6th VMUG presentation: BCP Solutions for VMware Environments

That’s right folks, it’s presentation time! Come one, come all to the November 6th Toronto VMUG event and be a part of the great community. I’ll be speaking at the conference along with Pure Storage and Mcafee.

The presentation is going to titled “BCP Solutions for VMware Environments: Double-Take, Veeam and vSphere Replication”. I’m going to be bringing you some real-world examples of how environments have been protected using each solution and how you can leverage each of the tools for your needs.

Big Giveaways!!

Not only will I be giving you proven solutions to use these great tools, but we also have some amazing giveaways which will be at the event. Very cool! Big thanks go out to both Veeam and Vision Solutions for bringing excitement and support to our community!

Prizes include a full copy of Double-Take Move (Retail value of $295.00!) and VeeamZip USB Drives with the awesome Veeam Backup Free Edition software.

About the Products

Double-Take by Vision Solutions

The product that will be presented as part of the solution strategy is Double-Take Availability. The Availability product is part of the overall Double-Take suite of products. Double-Take Availability provides application aware, asynchronous, block-level replication that can be configured for file, folder, volume or full server protection. And that’s just the beginning!


Veeam Backup Free Edition by Veeam Software

Trust me, you need this product. Why? It’s free, and it’s awesome. For managing on-demand backups, server migrations, lab builds and much, much more.

Veeam Backup Free Edition provides the same capabilities to capture live machine state in a recoverable vmdk format. The tool gives you a taste of the real power which is when you engage the full Veeam Backup


vSphere Replication by VMware

VMware has taken their native replication product as delivered within SRM 4.0 and they have made it part of the vSphere product suite out of the box for Essentials Plus Edition and higher. By adding a replication suite with a native vCenter plugin they have made a huge leap towards being a total end-to-end product and protection suite.


Get Registered!

If you haven’t already been registered for the event, make sure you contact Angelo Luciani or reach out through the Toronto VMUG site. I’m always amazed by the great things that I get from the VMUG community. Not only do you get a chance to get some great products, but you have access to amazing presentations, real product experts and solution experts from the industry and you are among a community of your peers who can share knowledge and provide guidance from their own experiences.

It’s a win-win all around! Can’t wait for it and I hope to see you all there!


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