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Double-Take 7.0: Now with 100% More PowerShell!

For customers of Double-Take Availability by Vision Solutions, you have enjoyed lots of features and functionality which have personally saved my bacon in DR situations over the years. In Q1 of 2013 I was given a road-map presentation for the new Double-Take 7.0 product line with more optimization and a bunch of new features. With every road-map session, with any …

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Toronto VMUG: May 23rd, 2013 Event Recap and Private Cloud Presentation

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Toronto and a great day for a VMUG meeting! May 23rd brought the first VMUG meeting of the spring here and the audience showed that they were ready to show some community love today. There were two great vendors here for the session which were Tintri and Veeam, followed by yours truly with …

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DiscoPosse Review: MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

That sound you hear is my mind being blown. Rick Copeland and the folks at O’Reilly have really put together a great book here. Admittedly, it was outside of my usual comfort zone because of the depth of the content, but it forced me to raise my game to really dig in on some MongoDB goodness here. As I come …