DiscoPosse Review: Ethics of Big Data – Kord Davis and Doug Patterson

One of the interesting topics of Big Data is what an organization will do with it. That topic is nicely handled in Ethics of Big Data by Kord Davis (@KordIndex) and Doug Patterson (@dep923).

O’Reilly Press has come to us with some great content with this book. There is a very careful balance with the use, management and protection of Big Data which is quickly moving to the fore in a lot of companies.

The audience is wide for this book, and the writing is well paced with some great examples given. It is a great framework for understanding the impact of Big Data, privacy, ethics and how to build a plan to define your organization’s use of it.

I would definitely recommend this for business analysts, IT management and anyone in the consulting side because it provides a great high-level view. While we may not be directly involved in this type of data handling at the moment, it is a key skill to understand the potential impact.


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