DiscoPosse Review: The Phoenix Project

phoenixbookThis book is indescribably awesome. That could be the review itself, but I want to dive into how I discovered this book and what makes it such an amazing read.

At the most recent Toronto VMUG full-day event we were lucky enough to have Nick Weaver as our keynote speaker with a great presentation titled Automation Generation. For those who aren’t already following Nick’s work at http://www.nickapedia.com you should know that he is one of the driving forces towards automation, orchestration and the adoption of DevOps methodologies.

DevOps Revolution!

The DevOps methods are quickly gaining adoption, and with good reason. While it may seem like an unreachable goal to many IT Operations teams, the truth of the matter is that just like running a marathon it all starts with just one step.

Understanding where you can make gains from automation, and process improvement with Agile methodologies is the real first step. The challenge that most teams face is in getting the analysis underway to realize just how easily, and efficiently you can apply these new processes and methods to your current team.

The Phoenix Project

Written by Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim on Twitter) Kevin Behr (@kevinbehr on Twitter) and George Spafford (@gspaff on Twitter), The Phoenix Project presents a fictional story of Parts Unlimited, a company which is on the verge of an IT breakdown. Under the gun to produce Project Phoenix, a massive system which is overdue, over budget and tearing the IT organization and business departments apart.

The book takes you through the transition of a Bill, the new VP of IT Operations being thrust into the fire pit and how through the almost Zen-like guidance of Erik, a prospective board member, he leads the IT organization and the business leaders into a new way of delivering IT services and fully integrate the business process into the end products.

Who should read this book?

Everyone. Literally, everyone who is in an IT organization, or who is in business today should read this. The story, and the concepts presented in it will inevitably map against your current organization in one way or another.

While you may not be positioned to lead the organization into change like our character Bill, you can be a proponent for change in your own portion of the business and even in your home life.

This book delivers realistic concepts without droning through IT delivery methods like many books have been known to do. What makes it extra fun to read, and more applicable, is that the story is using real examples of the application of DevOps methods and where the challenges come along the way.

Three simple words: Read This Book!

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