VMworld 2013 Session Voting is Open!

voteIt’s that time of year again! VMworld 2013 is open for registration, and most importantly, the session content has been submitted and is open for voting.

Thanks to Viewers Like You!

viewerslikeyouThere is an important theme here. The content of the sessions is brought to you by our peers, our leaders in technology and the amazing thing about this process is that it is decided by viewers like you.

This is your opportunity to put your vote out there to guide the VMworld experience towards what you would like to see. Having your say in the content that you and other attendees get to see.

This year I have some specific focus on subjects that I’m after and it is with a little bit of sadness that I didn’t put my name in the hat to present, but with all the amazing content that will be there, plus the Virtual Design Master competition, I can say that I’ll be more than busy at San Francisco this year.

How to Vote

It’s pretty simple to participate. Just go here: http://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa and login with your VMworld account. Once you are in there you can freely browse the sessions and put in your votes to help to bring the speaker or subject you want to see to VMworld 2013 in San Francisco in August.

This will be another amazing year for VMworld content and an exciting opportunity to network with experts in virtualization. It’s your vote and your experience. Help us to get you to the next steps in your career and your technology journey!


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