DiscoPosse Review: Troubleshooting vSphere Storage by Mike Preston


UPDATE 11/21/2013: That’s right folks! It’s time to order your TroubleShooting vSphere Storage guide because it’s now available. Order through Packt directly by clicking the image on the right, or through Amazon by clicking this link and make sure to reach out to Mike to say congratulations!


With all of the administrative work that vSphere admins are doing, an often overlooked issue is storage performance and troubleshooting. Luckily, we have something cool coming our way from Canada’s own Mike Preston (@mwpreston) who is a popular virtualization blogger with his site www.mwpreston.net.

Mike has authored an upcoming book for Packt Publishing which you can pre-order here, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the technical review process.

Designed with everyone in mind

Mike has done a great job of covering all bases on vSphere storage challenges, ranging from design considerations to active troubleshooting using tools likeĀ esxtop, and lots of great tips on where to go for tracking down issues in the vSphere log environment.

So many of today’s vSphere administrators have not had exposure to command line tools, so there are tips and tricks for every level of admin knowledge. It is

Pre-order now from the Packt Publishing site and prepare to add this great book to your bookshelf of awesome vSphere guides to help up your game with vSphere storage.


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