Welcome Infinio to the DiscoPosse family!

It has been an exciting week with the GA release of the Infinio Accelerator product that I’ve been testing out prior to the launch. So it is particularly exciting that I was able to help to introduce people to Infinio, and it is now even more wonderful that I can say a warm welcome to the team at Infinio as a sponsor to the DiscoPosse.com web site!

Building proud partnerships with great teams

One of the things that I pride myself on with the site is that I have been able to build great relationships with my partner sponsors. The support to myself, and to the technology community from Infinio is what makes this something that I want to share with all of my readers and my peers.

As a new startup, Infinio is already making a splash with the VMware technology community. This was made clear when Infinio earned a coveted finalist spot for the Best of VMworld: New Technology at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

Image source: www.infinio.com

Leading up to VMworld, Infinio came out of stealth at the Tech Field Day 9 event. Video of the introduction and deep dive sessions is available from the Tech Field Day site here: http://techfieldday.com/appearance/infinio-presents-at-tech-field-day-9/.

I encourage you to visit Infinio to download and test the Infinio Accelerator, and reach out to the team on Twitter (@InfinioSystems). Watch them closely as I predict some really great things will be coming out of this organization.


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