Why you need to be watching Tech Field Day

There are literally hundreds upon thousands of resources for information and learning in the technology ecosystem. That is an understatement really, but my point is that we have an incredible amount of great technical information being shared for all to see.

What we do have a challenge with sometimes is separating the wheat from the chaff with technical information. By that I mean the purely partisan information that had distinct origins from marketing. While this is good information, it often lacks the depth that we need to get to and it doesn’t let us ask “why?” When we read it.

Tech Field Day

I tweeted recently about an amazing event that takes place called Tech Field Day (www.techfieldday.com):


Stephen Foskett, the creator of Tech Field Day, has created an amazing venue for vendors and technologists to literally get into a room and dive into the details.

This is a place where our technical peers and leaders have an opportunity to review products and technologies with the engineers and founders in the ultimate no holds barred arena of Q&A.

What is even more incredible about this is that we are able to watch the experience live and interact with the participants through Twitter while it’s happening. How cool is that?!

The most recent session which was Storage Field Day 4 this week created a massive amount of conversation in the sessions and on Twitter (https://twitter.com/search?q=%23SFD4&src=hash) to give you an idea of what kind of info comes out of the group.

Great things start here

In the ultimate show of how important this event is, we are seeing great new technology startups using Tech Field Day as their launch pad to coming out of stealth like Infinio Systems recently did with their presentation at Tech Field Day 9 (full post here):

Being a presenter at Tech Field Day isn’t like a pre-sales demo that these folks will do for a customer prospect. This is a tough room with deeply knowledgeable technical attendees who you can see here: http://techfieldday.com/delegate/ which gives you an idea of the kind of really powerful conversations that will take place at these events.

We’re going to need a bigger boat

With it’s origins in all aspects of technology products from early on, the event has since grown to include dedicated events now for storage, networking, virtualization and wireless.


And much like Jaws, if a vendor isn’t prepared for the panel, there will be blood in the water. Now I don’t mean that the intention is to be intentionally torn apart, but if you come to Tech Field Day with a marketing slide deck and a smile, it won’t go over well 😉

Getting your tech on with Tech Field Day

Your assignment now is to seek out the awesomeness that is Tech Field Day. Start by following these accounts on Twitter:

Stephen Foskett – @sfoskett

Gestatlt IT – @GestaltIT

Tech Field Day – @TechFieldDay

Next up, you should drop by the Vimeo page and view some of the really great sessions that are there: http://vimeo.com/groups/techfieldday/

And lastly, make sure that you keep your eyes on http://techfieldday.com/ for news, updates and great content. This is the start of your in depth journey into every edge of tech that you could imagine.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet with Stephen when he was in Toronto recently, and he is a dynamic and knowledgeable guy. The excitement level is immediately increased when you chat with him and that energy translates into the Tech Field Day experience as a presenter, delegate or as a viewer.

You can read more about Stephen Foskett here at his blog http://blog.fosketts.net/ which will give you a sense of what has gone into this really great series of technology events.

Enjoy and share!

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