Extra! Extra! See you at VMworld Tech Field Day!

For those who know if the Tech Field Day event series already as I wrote here, you will know just how much I enjoy the events. Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth, and Claire Chaplais are the driving forces behind the Tech Field Day organization. I was so honored to be able to be a part of Tech … Read more

What just happened at Storage Field Day 5? An open letter to all

I’ve been in a lucky position to be a delegate for Tech Field Day in the past (Guess who’s going to be at Virtualization Field Day 3?), and I’ve been an advocate of the Tech Field Day series (Why you need to be watching Tech Field Day). This week was the Storage Field Day 5 … Read more

My Tech Field Day VFD3 Experience

It has been one week since I’ve returned from Tech Field Day – Virtualization Field Day 3 in San Jose from March 4-7. Just thinking about the event week has been a surreal and amazing experience for me. As you probably noticed by the #VFD3 hashtag in my Twitter timeline during that week, you will … Read more