DiscoPosse Review: Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing from Packt Publishing

There is some really great work coming out the various “stack” products, and for Apache CloudStack is very certainly one of the popular environments we see out there. I decided to look at the Apache CloudStack Cloud Computing book to guide me through the process and it was just what I needed!


One of the challenges with installs of environments that aren’t binary builds is that it can easily shake potential users of the environment away from wanting to get involved. We have so many virtualization platforms that are available to us with one-click installers, or relatively simple deployments, that we often find sysadmins who don’t have a comfort with command line and shell work continue to stay in those platforms.

cloudstack-cover-smallThe authors did a great job of delivering a clear, cookbook-style guide to get you from start to finish with deploying an Apache CloudStack environment. There are a number of steps that will require your attention throughout the process, and they are clearly documented and highlighted in the book.

In fact, this book does more than just create an installation path for you. The chapters on design, architecture and management of the environment will be a great foundation for those who wish to adopt a private cloud environment. Whether you choose to run Apache CloudStack right to your production environment or not, I feel that it is good for you to evaluate it fully and effectively. This guide will be a great companion for you to do so.

For those who want to dabble in another interesting platform to see what potential it has, I’d suggest this book for sure. If you’re reading this at the time the post is written (until January 3rd) then you’ll be even happier that you can pick up the book for 5$ from Packt Publishing on there 5$ ebook extravaganza! How cool is that?!


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