Welcome Turbonomic to the DiscoPosse family!

It is just one cool thing after another recently here out of the DiscoPosse camp, and I am proud to be able to share that I am welcoming Turbonomic (http://www.Turbonomic.com) as a sponsor for DiscoPosse.com today!

You may have seen me post recently about Turbonomic from our meeting at Tech Field Day VFD3. I’ve been eyeing their product suite for a while and it really has some interesting features and benefits that can create an intelligent monitoring and management layer in your VMware data center, or it may also augment your current tools. It doesn’t require a rip and replace of any existing infrastructure, and it is known to play well in the sandbox with others 🙂

Why wouldn’t you monitor your environment?

In a world where we have dozens of fitness tools and monitors that we run for ourselves, even to the point of tweeting out our weight every morning and tracking every step we take to the office, why wouldn’t we do the same for our production data center environment?

Even if you have a product running today, don’t you think it would be a good plan to health check that system to get some A/B comparisons? I am a proponent for running multiple tools to achieve the overall result of gathering as much information as possible to create the ideal management plan for my environments.

It’s like an HRM for your data center (click the image to see what the free Health Monitor is all about!

How to see more…

Luckily you don’t have to just take my word, or just some whitepaper on how Turbonomic works. They are one of the smart organizations that put the power of testing right into your hands with full-featured trials.

You can download the app, run it in your environment without impact, and in a matter of hours you will be able to see just what is happening that Turbonomic can help with.

Jump on over to the site for the free trial download here and see for yourself what Turbonomic Operations Manager may be able to do for your virtualization environment.


Thank you to all of you for your support, and to my friends at Turbonomic (@Turbonomic on Twitter) for helping our community grow and for bringing great tools out that can move our data centers to the next level of intelligent operations.

Drop them a line and make sure you tell them that DiscoPosse sent you 🙂


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