Triple F – Five Friday Favorites: good reads for the week!

There are always a lot of great blogs, tweets, posts, and more happening each and every day. This week I wanted to share out a few tidbits that I have favorited during the week that I recommend for you to take a look at.

1. NSX Compendium by Cisco Inferno (Anthony Burke)

Knowledge is key, and understanding the general workings of VMware NSX is a requirement in my opinion if you are working in virtualization and networking.

2. VMware vExpert list for 2014

A phenomenal group of people have been highlighted for their contribution to the VMware community, and I am humbled and proud to be a part of the list of VMware vExperts for 2014! Take a look at the list and be sure to take a look at the great content that all of these folks are putting out.

3. Public cloud instance pricing war

Adrian Cockroft put together a great article which talks about the pricing war that is happening in the public cloud space. With the recent drop in pricing by Google for their public cloud offering, there was an immediate response by Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) to put a shot across the each other’s bow as a reminder that the battle for cloud customers is heating up in a good way! The race to zero seems to be on 🙂 

4. Cisco introduces OpFlex

Do you like open technologies and networking? I sure do! Cisco debuted their freshly minted RFC for OfFlex this week at Cisco Live. The push to bring ACI to the fore as a leading, open architecture is a great move by the networking giant, and I look forward to seeing this ecosystem strengthen.

5. CloudCareer by Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is a great site that provides a way to increase your knowledge of cloud platforms and technologies. We just saw the release of the CloudCareer path which will help to give you the fundamentals you need to work towards your AWS certification.

BONUS: Microsoft approved image for Vagrant! 

This was an interesting release that happened yesterday from Microsoft. The first legally sanctioned demo images for Windows Server 2012 R2 which are provided in Box format to allow for deployment using the wildly popular Vagrant platform. The image is 8.3 GB, so get your download on now and I look forward to seeing lots of cool stuff coming for this. NOTE: This is a relatively beta release but it is a clear sign that Microsoft is taking note of the power of this type of deployment platform so bravo Microsoft!



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