Welcome Nutanix to the DiscoPosse Family!

It certainly has been an exciting time lately with all of the work happening around here at DiscoPosse.com and I am proud to announce my new sponsor Nutanix for supporting the site as we prepare for more great events, articles, stories and more in 2014!

Nutanix has long been a strong supporter of the blogger community and I was also lucky enough to be a recipient of a great gift from the Nutanix team for reaching the Top 50 Virtualization Blog award 🙂


I even wore my Nutanix vBrownBag satchel to the office today which was our vExpert gift from last year at VMworld. Ultimately, these are the nice things that get done to show support for the vExperts and bloggers who spend their time to help spread the word on technology and solutions for our overall community.

What’s the Deal with Web-Scale Wednesday?

With the focus on scale-out infrastructure like that offered with the Nutanix platform, there is a new webinar coming up on June 25th to help guide you through the Nutanix offering, and how they use what is being termed as web-scale deployment features to be able to answer the needs for enterprise data centers.


So make sure you sign up for the Web-Scale Wednesday session and you will also get a free T-Shirt to go along with the great information you will hear during the session!

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