Extra! Extra! See you at VMworld Tech Field Day!

For those who know if the Tech Field Day event series already as I wrote here, you will know just how much I enjoy the events. Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth, and Claire Chaplais are the driving forces behind the Tech Field Day organization. I was so honored to be able to be a part of Tech Field Day – Virtualization Field Day 3 and to meet everyone there, so this is extra special to be able to reprise my role as a Tech Field Day delegate.

Tech Field Day Extra – #EVMWU14

This year at VMworld in San Francisco I will be sitting on the delegate panel for 2 days on Tuesday August 26th and Wednesday August 27th.


This is particularly special because I will have an opportunity to work with many more of my peers who I look up to for knowledge and inspiration. To me, Tech Field Day is one of the greatest mentoring programs. I will get to sit again on the panel with James Green who I met for the first time at VFD3 and was super happy to work with along with all of the amazing resources who were on that panel.

Alastair Cooke will be joining me as well which is always great as Alastair and I worked together at the OpenStack Summit recently for the vBrownBag Tech Talks, which is also happening at VMworld so prepare yourself for a veritable firehose of amazing information between Tech Field Day and vBrownBag during that week!

I’m always excited to sit with Chris Wahl who was at our Toronto VMUG full-day event recently and who has been a great inspiration for me on blogging and my work with Pluralsight.

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In my panel days, we will be seeing SanDisk, Zerto (supporter of the Virtual Design Master event!), EMC, Infinio (DiscoPosse supporter!) and Nuage Networks. It will be really great to have my first opportunity to sit with these vendors who are doing great things in our industry, and helping in many significant ways to support the IT community.

The amazing thing about this event as I continually tell all of my readers and peers is that we are all there together. Through Twitter, we can have anyone engage us as delegates to ask questions to the presenting vendors.

So as we approach the big VMworld event days, make sure that you follow along on Twitter using my page (@DiscoPosse) and with the Hashtag search for #EVMUW14 which will let you see all of the great information we share with you as delegates.

Thank you again to Stephen, Tom, and Claire, and to all of you who make these great events possible. I hope to represent well and share some great info during and after the event.

See you at VMworld!

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