TechForward Crash Course Kubernetes Session at VMworld 2016

If you’re going to be at VMworld in Las Vegas, I’ve got a fun and informative set of demo sessions running for a new initiative called TechForward.  Please click on the link below to go to the Eventbrite page for the session.


Join me on Wednesday August 31st at 11:00 AM to watch a demo of Kubernetes, and to get caught up on just what this whole container orchestration juggernaut is.  The demo will show some of the basics of Kubernetes, and we will review how to do some of the first tasks on Kubernetes and how it relates to what you may be doing today.

You don’t need a ticket to attend, but it is helpful for me to understand who will be there, plus it also gives you the ability to add to your calendar so you can get a reminder on the day of.

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!  Look for more TechForward posts including one on OpenStack, and one on Mesosphere DC/OS as well.

Keep watching for more updates as well in the coming weeks.


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